Dr. Ron Whittington from Amarillo TX

Dr. Ron Whittington

In July 2019, Dr. Whittington merged his practice with Dr. Damon’s.

“We both have been thrilled with the results. We were able to combine two practices into one and have synergistic benefits.” 

Dr. Whittington has practiced for over 30 years in Amarillo, and his practice – Amarillo Dental Spa, was Amarillo’s first and only dental spa experience. Since the merger, the Texas Implant and Dental center of Amarillo still has many dental spa aspects for Dr. Whittington’s patients.  Dr. Whittington is a valuable asset to the patients and team. 

Dr. Whittington provides Dental Implant Placement, orthodontics, general dentistry, and Cosmetic Dentistry. Many of these procedures are performed with IV Sedation. Dr. Whittington has a similar mindset to Dr. Damons’ approach to dentistry. 

Together they work as a team providing the same level of care, compassion, and dental treatment to our dental patients.

These experiences have given Dr. Damon and Dr. Whittington an expanded skill set and excellent surgical and medical knowledge. So whether you are 85 years old with a complex medical history or 20 years old needing wisdom teeth removed, feel confident in the hands of Dr. Damon and Dr. Whittington.