Considering Immediate Dentures in Amarillo, TX By Dr. Damon on May 17, 2015

Immediate Dentures are Immediate Tooth Replacement

If you are considering total tooth replacement due to failing teeth, then Immediate Dentures are one of your options. Why are they called Immediate Dentures? Because at the time of your procedure, when you are sedated under IV Sedation, teeth are removed and then the dentures are fitted to you right after. You will walk in with teeth and walk out with dentures! 

Who is a candidate?

Typically patients who are considering dentures are suffering from the following: 

  • Generalized tooth decay with many non-restorable teeth
  • The cost of fixing the teeth is unaffordable - crowns and root canals on 15 or more teeth can run the fees over $20,000 easially
  • patients with generalized root tips - these are where the root still remains in the gums
  • Patients with severe periodontal disease having very loose teeth, 

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

Patients with normal healthy teeth would not consider this option, as there would be no need for tooth replacement. But patients who have had a life time of pain, dental problems, oral disability, trouble eating and sleeping well due to tooth pain are ones who would be considering this option. Immediate Dentures have the following benefits for a patient with the issues stated before:

  • Predictability - by eliminating the teeth you eliminate future tooth problems such as decay beneath a crown, re-infection of root canal, or breakage of a tooth
  • Affordability - it is always cheaper to have a tooth pulled then pay for a crown and a root canal, many times patients would need 15 or more crowns and or root canals to save their teeth with a cost over 20, 000. 
  • Time savings - with one procedure under IV Sedation we can remove all the teeth and place the dentures the same day.
  • Excellent Esthetics! - Immediate Dentures can look very good. Visit our photo gallery to see some of our before and afters. 
  • No going with out! - the teeth are given to you before you leave. There is no reason for any patient to go with out dentures for any period of time since we can fit them the same day. 

Disadvantages of Immediate Dentures

When talking about immediate dentures, one must keep in mind that patients who are considering this option typically have an oral disability - chronic pain, loose teeth, inability to eat with back teeth, etc. The disadvantages are more in relation to a normal healthy mouth:

  • Dentures are not anchored to bone, so they are removable
  • You can not bite into anything by hand! - When you pull the sandwich away from your mouth the dentures will sink into the food and be pulled out. We recommend for all of our patients to cut their food and eat everything with utensils. 

How the process works

If you are interested, you will need a initial consultation to look at the teeth, evaluate your bony anatomy and candidacy for dentures (almost every patient is), evaluation of your health history and medication. We will then present to you the fees for the procedure. We must take molds (impressions) of your teeth, bring you back for a jaw relation appointment if necessary, we schedule you for a wax viewing where we will show you the teeth before we do anything, then we will schedule you for your procedure to remove the teeth and fit your immediate dentures. 

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