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New Advances in Implant Dentistry

All on Four, Dental Implants,

Posted on June 14, 2015 — by Dr. Damon

New Technology

  • Improved surface technology – allowing for immediate dental implant placement.
  • Angled abutments, and angled implant screws – Every implant I place and restore are “screw retained” versus traditional cementation methods. This allows for a retrievable prosthesis and avoids cement contamination on the implant surface. This results in a more successful long term implant. For the All on Four (permanent implant denture prosthesis) angled abutments allow for a graftless surgery with posteriorally tilted implants at a 30-45 degree angle.
  • Guided Surgical Stents – typically allow for a flapless approach to your implant surgery. This can allow for optimum dental implant placement for 1-6  dental implants placed per arch. Not all patients are a candidate for a guided surgery if bone reduction is needed.

Why are we seeing improvements in technology?

There are more and more dental implants being placed in the US every year, (Europe places 3 times the amount of implants vs the US!) many practitioners are accepting them as a better method to replacing missing teeth then conventional methods like crowns, bridges, or complete dentures. With this new technology Dental Implant manufacturers (Nobel Biocare, Strauman, 3I) are investing heavily in this technology to have the best products in demand.

Technology is expensive!

Make sure you know the brand of dental implant being placed for your implant. Not all implant companies are the same as there are discount implant manufacturers on the market. Quality dental implant manufacturers are : Nobel Biocare, Strauman, biomet 3I, Astra Tech, and Zimmer. For my practice I only place Nobel Biocare, I have placed these on my family and if I am ever to need a dental implant I will request Nobel Biocare. 

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