Jun 16

Dental Exam, Xrays, and Cleaning for $85.00 !!

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Posted on June 16, 2015 — by Dr. Damon

Beat the heat this summer with the coolest deal in town- $85.00 for a Dental Cleaning, Exam and Xray


We are offering for the summer a dental cleaning with our dental hygienist - Stevie L, a complete exam with Dr. Damon, and all necessary dental xrays. Please note this offer does not cover any periodontal treatment or therapy, if you need these services we will inform you and polish the teeth.

Remember, you need to have your teeth Professionally cleaned twice a year if you have normally healthy teeth and gums. If you have periodontal disease, you need "periodontal maintenance" every 3 months (4 times a year). If you have fallen off the wagon, this is your chance to get back on track with maintaining health gums and teeth.

Why invest in your teeth?

We want to keep patients away from tooth loss and out of dentures. Yes we focus in dentures but we would prefer patients to keep their teeth for their entire life. With natural healthy teeth you can eat what you want, have an easier time eating, and not have to worry about your dentures getting loose or falling out. Also, denture surgery can be expensive.

Get them cleaned!!

Stevie L. is our hygienist, she has been cleaning teeth for over 13 years. She is very experienced, will clean your teeth promptly, make the xray process quick and has a GREAT personality.

Call us today at 806 803 9219 TODAY to get scheduled.

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