Dental Implant Special By Dr. Damon on June 24, 2015

Single Unit Implant Special! Want to replace that missing tooth? Have a broken tooth and don’t know what to do?


Are you missing a tooth or have one that just broke? Consider a dental implant and implant crown to replace the space.  We are offering a special price of $2,500.00 for the implant and implant crown.


What is a single unit implant?Single unit dental implant


If you have 1-3 missing teeth it is likely that we can replace your missing teeth with a dental implant and implant crown. This treatment goal is to replace single missing tooth in the most conservative and natural way possible with giving patients the same ability to function (eat/chew/speak/smile) just as they did when they had the tooth! The implant goes in the bone and the “implant crown” is the white tooth that you see in the mouth. Think of the implant as an anchor for the tooth to sit on.


What are alternatives to single unit implants?


If you have 1-2 missing teeth, conventional dentistry would offer you a fixed bridge- this is where the adjacent teeth are drilled on (prepped), an impression is made, and a 3 unit bridge is then constructed to replace the 1 missing tooth. So, conventional dentistry sacrifices adjacent teeth to fill the space. That is the underlying problem with a bridge – prepping teeth that are healthy, or already have a crown on them.


$2,500.00 sounds expensive?

To a person not aware of dental costs or procedures, this fee sounds high; but this is actually a remarkable fee since 2-3 years ago, this would have cost close to 5,000.00. This fee is actually cheaper then a 3 unit bridge.  Typically bridge fees are at least 1,000 a unit (3 unit bridge is a minimum of 3,000.00). Also did you know that 50% of all crowns and bridges done do not survive 10 years??? Dental implants are way more successful and longer lasting.If you are in dental need or are shopping around this fee should get you excited because you can have the most up to date treatment, and the best longest lasting option to replace your tooth.


Check out some of our dental implant cases here in the photo gallery.


How are we able to offer a good deal?Screw retained implant crown Nobel

Dentistry has changed, no longer do we need abutments (usually), and Dr. Damon’s preference is always to place a screw retained dental crown. This eliminates a component that costs 675.00. Screw retained implants are much better then dental implant crowns cemented to an abutment. Why because the cement can cause problems, and cause your implant to fail. Screw retained allows for us to remove the crown if needed and there is no cement. For my family members, they would always get a screw-retained crown, and that is my recommendation for my patients.


What is not included in the 2,500 special-

If you need a tooth extracted, bone grafting, or prefer IV Sedation for your procedure those are additional fees. We can discuss your expectations and your situation at an implant consultation with Dr. Damon.


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