Exploring the Advantages of Trefoil™ Implants By Dr. Damon on March 05, 2018

Dental implants have massively improved teeth replacement solutions over the years. From implant-supported bridges to full-arch options, patients today have more options than ever when it comes to restoring aesthetics and function. At the Texas Denture Clinic and Implant Center in Amarillo, TX, our doctors offer Trefoil™ implants. This revolutionary system replaces an entire mandibular (lower) arch of missing teeth using only three implants. Today, we will explore the advantages of Trefoil implants and explain how this treatment option is more affordable and streamlined that alternative treatment options.

photograph of two mini implants laying on plain white surface

Trefoil Implants: A Brief Overview

When it comes to implant-supported prostheses, there are several options. From removable to permanent, it can be difficult to fully understand the differences between them. Trefoil is designed to be a permanent alternative to snap-on dentures. After strategically placing three implants within the lower jaw, a permanent bridge is connected to the implants using screw retention. The result is a beautifully functional smile and improved oral health.

The Advantage of Guided Implant Surgery

Guided implant surgery takes all of the guesswork out of implant placement. When patients choose Trefoil implants, their treatment plan is digitally designed using cutting-edge computer software. First, a 3-D cone beam scan is taken of the jaw. This will help your doctor assess the density of the bone and determine the most optimal locations for implant placement. Next, digital impressions will be taken. During this quick procedure, a handheld wand will be used to capture thousands of images of your teeth and gums. These images will then be combined with the cone beam scan and sent to a dental lab for the fabrication of a surgical guide. This device will then be placed over your lower arch during your procedure and will be used to help the doctor visualize the exact areas where the implants will be inserted.

The Advantage of Affordability

Until Trefoil, full-arch teeth replacement was achieved through snap-on dentures, or through permanent prostheses using six to eight implants. Trefoil is the first permanent full-arch replacement option offering stability with just three posts. As you can imagine, this allows for a much more cost-effective treatment option compared to traditional alternatives.

The Advantage of Streamlined Treatment

One of the most significant benefits of Trefoil is that treatment can be completed in a single office visit in most cases. After your implants have been placed using the surgical guide, your permanent restoration can be attached. In most instances, patients can complete their treatment in only a few hours. The result? You can walk out of our office with a permanent, stable, aesthetically pleasing smile; and because Trefoil implants are placed using a surgical guide, the procedure is minimally invasive.

The Advantage of Better Oral Health

When teeth are lost, the jawbone shrinks due to bone degradation. However, if implants are placed back into the jaw, they stimulate the nerves just like natural teeth roots. Therefore, when you choose Trefoil dental implants, you can preserve your jaw structure and prevent bone loss in the future.

Learn More about Trefoil Implants

If you are missing most or all of your teeth on the lower jaw, Trefoil implants could be an optimal and affordable solution for you. To determine your eligibility, schedule a consultation with one of our doctors. Contact us online or call us at (806) 803-9219.

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