Dental Implants for the Front Teeth vs. the Molars By Dr. Damon on October 16, 2018

Digital illustration of implant-supported bridgePatients who are missing one or more teeth can take advantage of dental implants at our Amarillo, TX dental clinic. Dental Implants as a  restorative option is the longest-lasting and most predictable solution currently available.

Here, our team at Texas Denture Clinic and Implant Center explores dental implants for the front teeth vs. the molars and explains the differences between these two types of treatment.

About Dental Implants: A Brief Overview

Made from medical-grade titanium, dental implants are small, threaded posts that are inserted into the jawbone during an oral surgery procedure most of the time under IV Sedation. 

Implants restore the roots of missing teeth and can support crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Dr. Damon practices the most modern method of dental implant placement - Immediate Dental Implant with Immediate Restoration. This means, when a tooth is removed the implant is placed immediately and a temporary tooth is placed immediately on the implant! This is the fastest method of tooth replacment. Other providers may extract the tooth, wait 5 months, place the implant, wait 5 months, then uncover and restore after 2 months! We try to make it easy for our patients! 

Treatment times may also vary based on whether the implants were placed in the front (anterior) portion of the jaw or the back (posterior) portion.

In the sections below, we will discuss a few details regarding dental implants for the front teeth vs. the molars.

Dental Implants for Replacing Molars

Dental implants can be placed in the posterior jaw to replace missing molars. Because molars bear the brunt of pressure and chewing forces, it is important to allow sufficient healing time after implant placement. We can provide temporaries on molar implants placed immediately, but they are not functional, per the immediate load protocol set by Nobel. 

Treatment Timeline for Posterior Dental Implants

Once the dental implants are placed in the jaw, most patients require approximately four to five months of recovery before the final restoration can be connected.

Though a temporary tooth can be provided during the interim period, it may not be necessary since the gap is not very obvious when you smile.

Once your final restoration is connected, the treatment process is complete.

Dental Implants for Replacing Front Teeth

Placing implants in the anterior portion of the jaw may prove a bit more challenging since the gap is in the smile zone. In the sections below, we discuss two treatment options for those considering dental implants for the front teeth.

Immediate Temporary Options for Anterior Dental Implants - Single Implants Teeth In a Day!Immediate Dental Implant in Anterior Region

The majority of the time, anterior implants require just as much healing time as posterior implants. However, most patients (understandably) do not want to wait three to six months to fill in the gap in their smile.

In these cases, a temporary restoration can be provided, directly placed atop the implant! This is called immediate implant placement with immeidate provisionalization - ie TOOTH IN A DAY! This is our most common method of dental implant treatment in the anterior jaw. 

Contact Our Practice to Learn More

If you are thinking about replacing missing teeth with dental implants, schedule a visit at Texas Denture Clinic and Implant Center. Contact us online or call our office at (806) 803-9219.

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