Fully Restore Your Broken Dentures at Our In-house Lab

A broken denture can significantly affect your appearance and oral function. Many patients may try to perform repairs at home, but only an experienced professional should be trusted to fix significant damage, such as a cracked base. Dr. Clark Damon and his skilled staff can fix your broken dentures at his Amarillo, TX, office and quickly provide you with a prosthesis that looks and functions as if it was brand new. In most cases, we can restore a broken complete or partial denture in just a few hours thanks to our in-house lab. We will use advanced materials and techniques to help maintain the comfort and lifelike appearance of your original prosthesis. Contact our office today to learn how we can repair your broken dentures and help you enjoy restored oral function.

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We can often provide same-day denture repairs so patients can immediately return to normal activities. 

Common Causes and Forms of Breakage

Although dentures are made of advanced, durable materials, most restorations will eventually crack or break. Daily use causes wear and tear on your prosthesis, and even the strongest dentures will sustain damage over time. Additionally, your jawbone can change with age, causing the denture to no longer fit securely. Dr. Damon recommends that dentures patients have their prostheses relined every two years and replaced every eight years. Note that these recommendations do not apply to implant-supported dentures, which are designed to last for a very long time and do not require relining.

At Texas Denture Clinic and Implant Center, we can fix several common types of breakage using our in-office lab. If the clasps of a partial denture have broken, or if an artificial tooth has cracked or fallen off, we can perform professional repairs in about an hour. Our skilled technicians can also address more significant forms of breakage, such as a base that has fractured or broken completely in half. Although cracked dentures require more complex repairs than less severe breakage, we can typically fix this type of damage in fewer than four hours. No matter how your dentures are broken, we will strive to use the highest quality materials and provide repairs that are both lasting and convenient.

Risks of Home Repair

When your complete or partial denture breaks, you should not try to repair it yourself. In many cases, attempting to perform at-home repairs can cause more harm than good. A denture that has completely cracked in half must be put back together as accurately as possible to ensure the prosthesis maintains its original fit. When an improperly repaired denture does not fit correctly, oral function can become compromised, and you may even develop temporomandibular (TMJ) disorder. In addition, if you perform incorrect repairs we may no longer be able to fix your denture, and you would then need to replace it with a new prosthesis. Rather than risking further damage to your broken dentures, allow our experienced staff to restore them to a beautiful state.

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If your complete or partial denture has broken, our professional staff can help it look and feel like new. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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