Same-day Denture Repair

If your denture falters or cracks, it can impact more than just your appearance. A weakened prosthesis can greatly affect your ability to eat and speak properly, and may diminish your confidence. When your denture becomes damaged, chipped, or ill-fitting, Dr. Clark Damon can perform convenient same-day denture repair at his Amarillo, TX, practice. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Damon and learn more about the advantages of our in-office denture repairs.

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Same-day denture repair can allow you to get to life more quickly.

Does My Denture Need Repairing?

Dr. Damon recommends that patients with removable dentures have them relined every two years and replaced after eight years. This recommendation does not apply to patients with implant-supported dentures, which do not require relining and are designed to last significantly longer than traditional types. Even if you take great care of your dentures, they will still experience natural wear and tear with normal use. As time passes, your prosthesis can develop different forms of damage, such as a cracked artificial tooth or a fractured base. Additionally, when a person experiences tooth loss, the surrounding area of the jawbone will begin to lose density, which can affect the fit of your denture and compromise its strength. When these issues go uncorrected, your weakened denture can actually begin to negatively impact your oral health. Regardless of how the damage was caused, Dr. Damon and his skilled staff can help your partial or complete denture look and feel like new.

Our Advanced On-site Laboratory

Denture repairs at other practices can take several weeks to complete because your restoration must be sent to an off-site laboratory. At Texas Denture Clinic and Implant Center, our skilled technicians can evaluate the state of your denture and often completely correct issues in a single visit thanks to our advanced in-office laboratory. Dr. Damon strives to provide effective and affordable repairs using the highest quality materials and technical expertise to help your refined denture look and feel as good as the day you received it. Our skilled staff can typically perform basic corrections, such as replacing a broken tooth, in about one hour. More extensive repairs may take several hours, but you can return home the same day with a functional, beautiful-looking smile. 

Our Approach to Denture Repair

Our approach to your denture repair will depend on the type and extent of damage being addressed. With most repairs, we will follow the same basic steps. First, our lab technicians will clean your dentures using special solutions that help maintain its color and sheen. Next, we will take an impression of your denture, which will be used to fabricate new components. After removing the damaged portions from your denture, the technicians will securely bond the new pieces to restore the form and function of your prosthesis. Lastly, we will perform a final detailed cleaning and polishing before returning the denture to you and ensuring an optimum fit.

Schedule Your Repair

If you have not relined your dentures in the past two years, we can help restore them to their original form. Contact Texas Denture Clinic and Implant Center to schedule a denture repair for you or your loved one.

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