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Sleep through your next dental procedure with IV Sedation

Many patients regard going to the dentist as anxiety provoking which is one of the many reasons patients put off dental treatment, especially treatment that requires surgery.

patient sleeping with iv sedationUsing IV Sedation, Dr. Damon is able to eliminate the reality of the dental procedure from your perception, allowing you to feel relaxed, have anxiety relief, not remember anything about your procedure. A IV simply allows a direct line for Dr. Damon to administer your medications in a highly controllable way. This allows for "titration" of your medication dose to your particular needs and your particular physiology. Oral Sedation, is not as predictable and does not have the ability to be "titrated". There are many patients that specifically ask for IV because "Oral" did not work for the patient. 

How Does IV Sedation Work?

IV Sedation accomplishes several things:

  • Euphoria
  • Anxiety relief
  • Amnesia
  • Sedation (sleepiness)

With the combination of all the above, you will feel great, feel relaxed, feel sleepy, and forget about the entire procedure. Although patients may feel that they were unconscious during treatment, they are in fact still be able to respond to requests from our staff during the procedure.

How Do You Administer IV Sedation?

IV sedation is administered directly into the bloodstream via an IV line into a catheter placed into a vein. During the procedure, the tube will stay in place as the drug is administered according to your individual needs.

Because IV sedation does not numb the site at which Dr. Damon is working in a patient's mouth, he or she will usually also be given a local anesthesia or injection. This is usually done after the patient receives IV sedation and is already fully relaxed.

Feel Safe and Secure with Dr. Damon's advanced training

Experience comes with numbers of patients treated with IV Sedation and good quality training. Dr. Damon has sedated well over 2,000 patients in his career, averaging about 8-10 IV Sedation's per week. Our patients are very well cared and continuously monitored by monitors measuring vitals (blood pressure, pulse oximeter, and 5 lead ECG cable), you have a dental assistant, and a monitoring assistant, as well as Dr. Damon in the room at all times.

Patients typically wake up groggy, but are not released until their vitals are close to the levels they were at arrival, all patients must move all limbs when requested, and be awake upon discharge. A patient may still feel groggy and will likely seem a little disoriented for a few hours. All patients must have a ride home and a person to care for them for a few hours. 

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If you suffer from dental phobia or fear or are going to undergo dental surgery and are considering sedation, IV sedation is an excellent, safe choice. Contact us at 806 803 9219 for a consultation to see how IV Sedation can help you.

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