All-on-4® Dental Implants

Many patients today who are faced with failing teeth or non treatable periodontal disease, do not want a denture that their parents or grandparents had. Today's patients are looking for a modern method to predictable tooth replacement, with gaining or maintaining the function and expectations of real natural teeth. Now, modern dentistry has a solution - The All On Four Procedure. Dr. Clark Damon offers the All-on-4® dental implant procedure, placed at his Amarillo, TX, office, as a lasting and effective alternative modern form of tooth replacement. Many times with dentures, patients must compromise their function, have eating limitations, and wear adhesive. With a prosthesis that is screwed in or permanent- patients no longer have to live with limitations. Contact our office today to learn more about these advanced restorations.

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All-on-4 implants can be life-changing for the right patients. 

Listen to Dr. Damon speak about the advantages of the All on Four over traditional dentures. 

Dr. Damon featured on the Wellness Hour with Randy Alvarez

Regain your lost teeth or failing teeth 

The All on Four is the most predictable method to getting your teeth back. Lets face it, most patients do not want a denture! We see many patients every day for consultations, they all want to know about the All on Four and try to achieve it. In fact, in 2019 we are doing 2 All on Four cases for every denture case! Patients are now demanding the All on Four implant Solution versus live with the limitations of a denture. 

How is the All on Four Better than Dentures?

  • Eat what you WANT not what you can eat with your dentures
  • No more bad teeth, bleeding gums, bad breath!
  • You do not have to wear teeth - with a denture you do
  • Have the ultimate biting force
  • Teeth do not move or slip! 
  • From Day 1 you have new teeth - no waiting, no pain! 
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Results Matter

We provide a video of our before and afters, also some behind the scenes footage!

We provide Zirconia Prosthetics Strongest and Most Esthetic Option

We offer Zirconia as a final restorative material for our All on Four - Teeth in a Day Recipients in Amarillo, TX. The Zirconia has a number of remarkable benefits:

  • Strongest Restorative Material for Full Arch Implant Cases
  • Layered with Porcelain, the esthetics are amazing
  • All one Piece, no denture teeth can break off as with Acrylic - Titanium Hybrids most offices are doing
  • Little to no wear of the prosthesis
  • No permeability of the prosthesis to stain or bacteria! 
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Strength and Beauty

A Closer Look at All-on-4® Dental Implants

All-on-4® is an innovative method oall on four dental implantsf supporting permanent fixed bridge on four implants, with one procedure in one day. The All-on-4® dental implants procedure is done without the need for major preparatory bone graft or sinus lift procedure - typically. Using this specialized technique under IV Sedation, Dr. Damon will remove any teeth needing to be extracted, place four implants, 2 are placed at 30 degree angle and 2 are more straight in the anterior region. Abutments are placed on the implants and as long as enough torque is achieved by each implant, a temporary fixed hybrid bridge is connected to the implants. You will wake up, you will have the temporary fixed hybrid permanently in place. There will be no denture or palate, no adhesive or removing to clean. What we give you at the time of surgery is a temporary. You will need to return 6 months later to begin the finalization process. 

Treatment Benefits

Patients who receive All-on-4® dental implants can enjoy many functional and aesthetic benefits, as well as improvements to their overall oral health. Unlike traditional dentures — which can slip or shift out of position — restorations supported by All-on-4® implants will remain permanently secured in place. Not only will this allow you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence, it can also save you the expense of future denture replacement. Additionally, your implant-supported prosthesis will not cover the roof of your mouth or affect the taste of food. One of the most significant benefits of All-on-4® dental implants is an overall improvement to a patient's oral health. After tooth loss, the jawbone will no longer receive the necessary signals that encourage bone regrowth. All-on-4® dental implants can reverse this bone loss by returning stimulation to the jaw.

The Placement Procedure

Before recommending an All-on-4® procedure, we will first evaluate your mandibular and maxillary anatomy, as well as overall health. As an expert in implant dentistry, Dr. Damon use computed tomography (CT) scans to plan out the ideal placement of your implants. This is done at your initial consultation so you can see how and where the implants will be placed. Also, Dr. Damon will discuss the risks and benefits.

Before the surgery, dental impressions will need to be taken, a measurement appointment - ie "wax rims" will need to be done, and a final viewing appointment so you can see the teeth you will receive at surgery. We do this to get rid of the fear of the unknown - you can relax going into the surgery knowing what your teeth will look like when you wake up. 

The procedure is done in our office under IV Sedation. Once the procedure is complete, we will provide a temporary restoration to wear while the implants fuse with the bone over the course of four to six months. Once the area has properly healed, the patient will return to our office to begin making the final prosthesis that is the strongest prosthesis on the market - a zirconia porcelain prosthesis. This is more superior to the traditional milled titanium bar, that is then wrapped in acrylic. 

Learn More During a Consultation

If you are fearing dentures, the All-on-4® procedure is a modern method for full arch tooth replacement. Schedule an appointment at Texas Denture Clinic and Implant Center today at (806) 731-6135 to find out if All-on-4® dental implants are right for you.

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