Permanent Dental Implant Solutions

The Texas Denture Clinic and Implant Center of Amarillo is the premiere implant center in the Texas Panhandle. Dr. Clark Damon and Dr. Kari Blankenship provide Nobel Biocare brand implants exclusively and utilize the most up-to-date dental implant treatments. We provide permanent dental implants, Teeth in a Day protocol, Full arch implant restorations, the All on Four, and the Trefoil Implant Concept.

All on Four Permanent Dental Implants

The All on Four Implant Concept has revolutionized the implant process and provided vast benefits for patients who are facing a failing dentition. We have been providers of the implant concept since 2013. For 5 years we have successfully treated hundreds of patients with the All on Four. This implant concept provides permanent teeth in a day, beautiful final zirconia restorations, and a 98% implant success rate.

Trefoil Implant Concept provides permanent dental implants on 3 implants

Nobel Biocare has brought to market a more cost effective permanent dental implant bridge for the mandible. Bringing a similar success of the All on Four, Trrefoil's non-removable fixed implant solution will provide patients similar benefits as the All on Four with a acrylic titanium prosthesis. No longer do patients have 2 options for the lower jaw- either the Al on Four or a Snap on Denture, but now patients have a third - Trefoil. Trrefoil is a superior restoration over the snap on denture and ultimately will be begin to replace the snap on implant treatment plans.

Permanent Single Tooth Implants in One Day

As being the leader in the Texas Panhandle for Dental Implants, Dr. Clark Damon and Dr. Kari Blankenship strive to provide not only the best implants and not only the best treatment plans, but also strive to provide a faster "Time to TEETH" concept. One of these ways is with immediate implant placement and immediate provisionalization. This means often patients can come in, have a tooth removed, implant placed, and the same day have a temporary tooth placed on it right away. There is on going with out here.

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